Our Story

Mountain Dedicated

Our Roots

Slope Gear was founded by Ryan Bales in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Ryan designed Slope Gear's first pack, the PRO-180X Chest Pack, in search for a better way to carry gear while engaging in adventure sports.

Made For The Trailblazers

We spend our days outdoors —skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and drawing inspiration from the outdoor lifestyle in Steamboat Springs.

Our commitment is to develop the very best outdoor products in order to inspire a love and appreciation for the outdoors.

Our Process

The Sketch

The process of bringing a new product to market begins with a quick sketch.

This allows us to flush out our initial idea and begin to visualize how we want the product to look and function.

Rough Phototype

Once we have a good idea of how the product will look and function, we work with our in-house prototyper to create a rough prototype.

This rough prototype will give us the ability to test the viability our initial concept.

Test on the Mountain

With a rough prototype in hand, we begin to really put it through the wringer out on the mountain.

This process can last several months, but gives us the ability to really dial in the design and iron out any initial conceptual flaws.

Solidify the design

Once we have tested the prototype in a variety of scenarios, we work with our design team to solidify the product design.

The result is a detailed specification for building the final product.

Source the perfect materials

With the final product design in hand, we begin the arduous process of sourcing materials that will not only fit the design aesthetically, but meet our high standards of quality.

This process often requires us to build additional prototypes with different materials and test them out on the mountain.

The Final Product

Finally, we're ready to build the product that we will bring to market.

This requires us to meet with factories all over the world. We only work with factories with robust supply chains, and who meet our high standards in quality and ethics.

The result is a product that we're proud bares the Slope name.

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Steamboat Springs, Colorado